2013 Cicada 'Swarmageddon' in Virginia: What We Could See Here

The 17-year Brood II cicadas have arrived in Prince William County and are moving north quickly—they could be in our area within days. See what's coming...

At first, there were one or two husks on a tree.

Then there were several squashed bugs in the school parking lot.

Now, it's a swarm of Cicadas in parts of Northern Virginia. 

  • See this photo gallery of cicadas arriving in Northern Virginia.

The cicada hum can be heard loudly in Dale City and parts farther south, including Fredericksburg.

Some areas of Northern Virginia have yet to experience the “Cicadapocalypse," but the bugs are out in large numbers in Prince William County and they're moving north quickly. 

Known as the East Coast II brood, these cicadas  and several other states up through Connecticut. The result? A 7 kHz buzz filling the region as the cicadas try to attract mates.

If they behave typically, the cicadas will be around for four to six weeks. According to the Nature Conservancy, birds and other wildlife will have an ample source of food this year. In addition, the pruning of some trees that these insects do is actually good for local forests.

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J. Griffin Crump May 23, 2013 at 12:56 AM
I was visiting a friend in Stafford today and, as I got out of the car in his driveway, I said, "Your burglar alarm is sounding!" "That's the cicadas", he replied.
Washington area cyclist June 01, 2013 at 01:46 AM
For evolutionary reasons, each geographical area has only one large brood of cicadas. In Alexandria and Arlington, that one is Brood X, which emerged in 2004 and will next emerge in 2021. If you saw and heard a lot of Brood X cicadas in your area in 2004, you won't see many Brood II cicadas in the same area this year.


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