West Potomac High School Nominated for 19 Cappies, Including Best Musical

Cappies gala and awards show is this Sunday at the Kennedy Center.

Cappies-nominated Best Song - “Not Dead Yet”; photo by Laura Marshall
Cappies-nominated Best Song - “Not Dead Yet”; photo by Laura Marshall
Spamalot at West Potomac High School has become the most-nominated show in Cappies history, with 18 nominations.

The Critics Team at West Potomac is also nominated with the likes of McLean, TJ, Langley and West Springfield which brings West Potomac’s nominations to 19, the most nominated school in the DMV this year. 

Alexander Warren of George Mason High School had this to say about the show:

"What really took this show over the top however was the talent bringing it to life. The young actors, actresses, singers, dancers, builders, painters, choreographers, costume designers, and whistlers of West Potomac High School devoted themselves to pushing their respective crafts as far as they could go. Everything was simply superb. The cast was truly all singing, all dancing. There was no noticeable weak link, even in the largest of spectacular group numbers. Boy, were they spectacular. Fringe, glitter, sparkles, beautifully painted backdrops, rising to reveal wonderfully crafted, rotating sets, a gigantic Trojan Rabbit, a bedazzled yarmulke, a bedazzled baby carriage, a neon Star of David a story high, beautiful girls in revealing clothing, scrawny boys in clothing that revealed even more, girls dressed as men, men dressed as girls, a killer bunny rabbit, a quadriplegic Black Night, a wedding, tap routines, whistling routines, elaborately choreographed umbrella routines. I would dismiss that description as one of Stefan’s hottest clubs in New York if I hadn’t seen it yesterday with my own eyes. The only sad thing about the whole affair is that not everyone in the DMV was able to see it." 

The Cappies Gala is Sunday, June 8, at 7 p.m. in the Concert Hall of the John F. Kennedy Center, in DC. 

West Potomac will perform “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway” on stage at the Cappies with 45 students and four crew members.  

The 19 nominations include: 

  • Critics Team Marketing Team – Gracie Denton, Jordan McCray, Ben Roberts and Peter Serle 
  • Lighting – Sarah Bowman, Katie Kamara and Joe Slattery 
  • Sets – Natalie Jurkowski, Ella Moore and the WPHS set crew 
  • Costumes – Lesya Melnychenko and Becky Lehner 
  • Props – Margaret Gorguissian and the WPHS props crew 
  • Set Crew – Sam Poole, Alyssa Denton, Katelyn McConville and the Black Morph Suit Crew 
  • Orchestra – West Potomac Rice and Beans 
  • Choreography – Kaila Anderson 
  • Featured Actress – Nikki Amico “Not Dead Fred” 
  • Features Actor – Dan Evans “Father” 
  • Female Dancer – Nikki Amico 
  • Male Vocalist – Peter Serle 
  • Comic Actor in a Musical – David Jarzen “Sir Robyn” 
  • Supporting Actor in a Musical – Eddie Perez “Patsy” 
  • Lead Actress in a Musical – Anjum Choudhury “Lady of the Lake” 
  • Lead Actor in a Musical – Peter Serle “King Arthur” 
  • Song – “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway” 
  • Musical - Spamalot 


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