Program Gives Hope for Homebound Students

'Hopecam' will be available starting in the fall.

Fairfax County Public School students who are homebound due to illness will soon get a chance to reconnect with their classmates with Hopecam.

Hopecam is a nationwide, non-profit service that allows students facing life-threatening illnesses to webcam into the classroom for portions of the day.

“We are extremely psyched about our new partnership with Hopecam,” said Kurt Mills, Fairfax County Public Schools program manager for Out of School Support. “It gives them that social connection students typically don’t get.”

The program could start in September at the soonest. Students with serious illnesses are eligible for the program. Hopecam will provide a laptop and camera to the homebound student, while Fairfax County Public Schools will provide the equipment for the teacher and classroom.

Students at any Fairfax County school should be able to apply. Mills said that once the program is up and running, parents can contact their school social worker or administrators to arrange to be part of the Hopecam program.

For more information about Hopecam, visit their website.


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