Stormwater Improvement Bond Passes

Huntington residents lobbied strongly for the passage of a $30 million bond to fund flooding prevention.

Fairfax County voters passed the $30 million stormwater bond referendum that will pay to build a levee and pumping station to protect the Huntington neighborhood from flooding.

Less than two weeks ago, residents in Huntington were evacuated as Hurricane (later turned Superstorm Sandy) blew over the region.

Final unofficial results from the Virginia State Board of Elections showed 76.7 of voters across Fairfax County supported the referendum. At the Huntington precinct 607 specifically, 89.4 percent of voters supported it.

Fairfax County Storm Drainage Improvement Bond

Precinct Yes No

402 CAMERON – Cameron Elementary

582 132 405 GROVETON – Groveton Elementary
934 168 408 MOUNT EAGLE – Mount Eagle Elementary
-- -- 424 HUNTLEY – Groveton Elementary
1,437 335 429 HYBLA VALLEY – Hybla Valley Elementary
1,793 261

601 BELLE HAVEN – West Potomac H.S.

1,028 328 602 BELLE VIEW – Belle View Elementary
1,232 286

604 BUCKNELL – Bryant Center

1,925 351 607 HUNTINGTON - Fair Haven Community Center
1,964 232

609 MARLAN – Paul Spring Retirement Community

1,056 324 621 GROSVENOR – Huntington Community Center
1,240 161

Note: Mount Eagle has not reported results to the Virginia State Board of Elections.

Bob Sacamano November 07, 2012 at 01:49 PM
What a great idea to encourage people to live in a flood plain- what could possibly go wrong?
T Ailshire November 07, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Yes they were; it is the NAME that changed in 2010, not the risk.
Wildermann November 11, 2012 at 04:46 PM
It wasn't always a flood plain. Development elsewhere in Alexandria, Arlington and in other areas of Fairfax has led to moving the flood plain lines into the neighborhood. Problem lies with local planning commissions approving development in areas that impact the Cameron Run watershed without taking into account the big picture. Development proposals are examined and decided upon individually and in isolation rather than collectively. Heaven forbid that planning commissions from all 3 jurisdictions would ever talk with one another regarding development along shared tributaries. The flood plain issue is an unintended consequence of development run amok without a proper and comprehensive review of the impact of development on storm water runoff. Bad policy and decisions by local government boards resulting in taxpayer bailout through bonds to correct problems that with good governance could have been avoided.


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