Photos: Tim Kaine Campaigns in Fort Hunt

U.S. Senate candidate visited local business owners Wednesday in Fort Hunt.

Former Virginia governor and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine visited small business owners in Fort Hunt Wednesday morning as part of his campaign.

Kaine made stops at the Mount Vernon Farmers Market, , , and the , speaking with local business owners and constituents.

"At the gas station I learned what it's like to run a small business for 51 years," Kaine said of Hollin Hall Automotive. "It's a different kind of business than the one I opened with my dad. There are a lot of similarities in the number of employees and the hard work of Ruth, the owner, and her son Tom."

Kaine has hosted many events in Fort Hunt and said it was "good to reconnect" with local residents.

"I've been here a bunch," he said. "Again, having key campaign staffers that live in the neighborhood, they tell me what the good spots are. People are very supportive."

Kaine, a strong supporter of improving infrastructure, called the "fantastic."

"For important projects that have national significance, and certainly a project that serves a military installation like Fort Belvoir has national significance, we have to have a federal government and a state government that's willing to be a transportation investor," Kaine said. "Those who say they want to slash and cut the budget, they would weaken our system by weakening our infrastructure. I believe we need to be investing more in infrastructure."

Kaine is running against former governor and former U.S. Sen. George Allen, a Republican. Allen, who lives in the area, was also campaigning in the vicinity Wednesday, speaking to the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce.

In the money race, Allen has taken in $42,200 from his neighbors in Fort Hunt during this election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Kaine has taken in $24,400 in Fort Hunt during the same time period, up to July 9. The contributions counted by the Center for Responsive Politics are only those from residents donating $200 or more to the campaigns.

Mary Mitchell July 19, 2012 at 10:14 PM
Kane is a Obama supporter and supporter of Obama's Policies which hurt small business owners. If I had know he was going to be there I would have voiced my concerns to him. We do not need more money to spend on roads and bridges. Look what the Wilson Bridge project has done... We have loops that go no where and it only took 10 years! Traffic is run from 6 lanes into the already over crowed 3 lanes. We do not need to RT 1 to be the same mess... We need a balanced budget for the State. Less taxes on small business and large alike so they can hire more people. We need to re instate the welfare reform act that Obama just threw out the window. We need to get rid of these people that think that throwing good money after bad investments are a great idea and get someone who deals in reality... We need to sweep out all of the dead wood and all of these people who think that they are entittled to my money. I want Big Government to get back to Small Gov't. PS.. to all those in the Military or working in the Gov't. Obama is coming for you and your benefits... If he and people like Kane have their way you will be throwing stones instead of launching missles and we will end up bowing to mecca.......
Local Fort Hunt neighbor July 20, 2012 at 09:23 PM
Kaine is a decent man. He was a solid moderate Governor and helped keep VA business friendly but also progressive. His record as a consensus builder and inclusive Governor are important. I met Kaine the day he campaigned in Fort Hunt. A decent human being. His opponent brought shame and unwanted notoriety to our state with his racist name calling during the campaign six years ago. I love living in Fort Hunt and I also want to be proud of our elected officials.
Mary Paden July 20, 2012 at 10:13 PM
I was delighted to see Tim Kaine at the Sherwood Farmers Market. Kaine is a thoroughly good man who was a good governor and will make a great senator. I will be so happy to have him represent me. The best thing the government can do for small businesses is to get the ACA started so people can join health exchanges and have affordable insurance. I certainly need it.


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