Marshall: Some School Staff Should Carry Guns

In response to the shootings at a school in Connecticut, Del. Bob Marshall has a proposal to arm some teachers.

National legislators are discussing the possibility of enacting tighter gun control laws after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

But in Virginia, a local legislator has proposed that some school staff be required to bear arms. 

Del. Bob Marshall (13th District) has proposed a bill that would require schools to have some staff, certified in gun safety and competence, carry concealed weapons, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

His proposal comes on the heels of Gov. Bob McDonnell's comments on WTOP that the state should consider allowing teachers to carry weapons in schools. As the Post notes, Marshall's proposal takes the idea a step farther, by ordering schools to arm some staff members.

Gun control and schools are very much on the minds of state legislators across the nation. Michigan's governor on Tuesday vetoed a proposal to allow gun owners with additional training to openly carry weapons in schools and other no-carry zones. A South Carolina legislator also filed a bill to allow school employees with concealed carry permits to bring their weapons to their school. And a Missouri legislator filed a similar bill this week. 

Speak out: what do you think about concealed weapons in schools? Does it make students more or less safe?

Wildermann December 24, 2012 at 01:42 AM
Thanks for the avoidance of the question gesture. I am not a Christian nor do I celebrate Christmas. In the political climate of today I often find conservatives are so dismissive of liberals when confronted with any form of challenge or questioning. I'm sure it works the other way around as well. A lot of Americans don't really listen to the arguments, they check and make sure someone has a "D" or "R" beside their name, and then proceed to either praise them or crucify them depending on that. (But to be fair, most politicians just go through a list of talking points instead of having real discussion anyways. This goes for both sides and unfortunately that is how this tragedy will ultimately get played out until the next mass shooting. We didn't have violent video games growing up in the 50's & 60"s but I do recall trying to annihilate my opponent when playing board and card games. One of the more popular games in school gym class was a hybrid version of dodge ball called "murder ball". Violence remains an underlying tone in human competition and probably will not be changed by legislation to curb visual content in electronic gaming. Parents have a role here but alas one can't compel all parents to make wise choices. My wife and I kept violent video and computer games out of the home but then the kids were at friends homes where parents allowed them, thus exposing them. Less government, the mantra of conservatives, means less regulations. Happy Festivus!
Dian Gish Weber December 24, 2012 at 04:03 AM
There is a difference between being a teacher and an armed guard. I am a nurse and I am not comfortable being required to carry a gun to protect my patients or myself. If the only answer the NRA has is more guns in more places, then we need guns in church, in nursing homes, and everyone in every house needs a gun because you never know how the "monster"(NRA speak) will get in. Maybe it would be a good idea to try something a little more reasonable - fewer guns available, limited ammunition clips, no assault weapons for civilians, background checks before purcahase. There are lots of ideas that make more sense than living in the "Wild West".
Wildermann December 24, 2012 at 02:03 PM
The NRA message is one of fear. Fear your neighbors, be afraid in your community, be fearful of your political adversaries with whom you disagree. A political climate of giving no ground to those with whom you disagree destroys the art of politics and creates parties that become bitter enemies fearful of one another. Armed militias afraid of immigrants or the very person elected as President. Fear has had a prominent role in many of our national embarrassments such as slavery, voting rights, women's rights, immigration etc. Fortunately, citizens past and present have risen above the fear and moved forward to do what history has judged to be the right thing. The NRA is entrenched and unwilling to budge on its positions and is thus using fear yet again to try and sway citizens. Politicians who seemingly care only about getting reelected are perhaps the most fearful of the NRA because of their threats to defeat candidates that don't support them. In my view, they are legends in their own mind about their power with the electorate. Elected officials signing pledges to give unwavering support to 2nd amendment rights or to not raise revenues is an affront to democracy and the citizens that elect them to govern and to take action on the issues that impact their constituents. Lobbying groups like the NRA only have power and clout when citizens are unengaged in the civic and social fabric that holds elected officials to accountable for the peoples interest not the special interests.
COILIN OWENS December 24, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Mr Tillett: you are correct. This time, let's hope that the NRA's bluff has been called. A coalition of citizens who value community over fear should take up the cause. What about working our own blocks and neighborhoods to develop Gun Free Zones? Griff: if you have evidence that violent videos produce gun violence, I would like you to post it here. Much as common sense--and indeed, good taste--would appear to support the contention, there is no scientific evidence for the link.
Ron Fitzsimmons December 24, 2012 at 11:37 PM
There is no one answer to this problem. But one thing is that we know these killers crave attention. They are done with their life and they want to go out making a big statement. One small suggestion from this liberal: dont show their faces, dont tell us their name. I dont need t know that info and it takes away their glory. Remember years ago when fans used to run out on the baseball fields? Well, they stopped showing them on tv, they just cut away and the problem has virtually disappeared. Stop "glorifying" these killers. Instead, put on the front page of the Washington Post the picture of another person who was killed.


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