West Springfield High Students Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Three teenage boys from the school were arrested and charged with producing child pornography that involved six female teens who attend West Springfield and other area high schools, according to news reports.

Three teenage boys, students at West Springfield High School, were arrested last month on charges of producing child pornography, according to a report by Fox 5 Friday.

The three students "are accused of getting teenage girls drunk and making sex tapes. The tapes were made sometime after the girls had passed out," the Fox 5 report noted.

The three students, two ages 16 and one age 15, were charged as juveniles with “possession, reproduction, distribution, solicitation and facilitation of child pornography,” Officer Shelley Broderick, a Fairfax County Police spokeswoman, told The Washington Post, which reported the story Saturday.

The ongoing investigation began in late November after a student tipped off a security officer at the school. The boys were arrested Jan. 11.

West Springfield High School has been in the news for its award-winning dance team, but has also weathered troubling incidents including:

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FFX County Resident February 04, 2013 at 01:35 PM
I too blame the parents. I understand kids will be kids but this takes it too far. FACTS: 1. Both the boys and girls had access to alcohol. 2. They all knew each other, so it seems to be reoccuring events of drinking, or they wouldn't have done it. 3. Parents know who's hanging out with who. 4. Parents were probably at work, seeing how teens get out at 215sh pm, but then again, sleepovers or night excursions when parents are out of town could have been in play. The parents should have done more. Teaching and instilling positive behaviors and morals in to these kids, watching and learning from their kids over time instead of ignoring them "playing video games on-line" or "surfing the net" for homework, defintely would have prevented this. These are not simple mistakes, they obviously learned this from somewhere, whether it was from seductive "teen" TV or the internet. It truly doesn't matter at this point but I'm sure it was a catalyst. The parents should have been more involved in these kids lives. It doesn't take a community to raise a child, just good parents. I'm not into "helicopter" parenting yet, but if this is what kids are doing now a days, I might have to change my mind.
FFFFFFFFFFF February 05, 2013 at 05:33 PM
FFX County Resident February 05, 2013 at 07:24 PM
FFFF....you want to know why this is news? Stories like this need to be spotlighted. Why you ask? Because people need to wake the "F" up. I'm tired of the folks out there, saying "this can't be my kid, he/ she is such an angel." Well, if you're not paying attention to what kids are doing now a days, your child will be the next story, either the assailant or the victim. Folks need to instill morals, values, and dignity into their sons and daughters. Technology, lack of family, whatever the case may be, we don't know, but we can find out and prevent it from happening again. I pray for the victims, and the young men need to be castrated! This should never be a labeled a "simple" mistake.
T-Bird February 06, 2013 at 01:46 AM
Clearly the "people" on here asking why this is news or saying it shouldn't be reported are students, or worse, involved. Your pathetic attempt to cast doubt on reporting actual news is sad, and is a real indication of the miserable set of morals you have been taught. Your parents should be proud.
John T. February 06, 2013 at 10:23 PM
Unbelievable this is the parents fault without a doubt. This "Kids will be Kids" altitude just goes to show how blatant and irresponsible the parents really are. OMG you are just such stupid and lazy pigs. Resultantly you are the real rapist here.You Inexcusable and rotten people. Stay in School and out of the seedy porno industry West Springfield Pupils.


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