Police Warn About Moped Theft

Rash of moped thefts is taking place in the Mount Vernon Police District.

Fairfax County police are warning local residents about a rash of moped thefts in the Mount Vernon Police District and Alexandria.

Mopeds, which police say have become more popular in recent years due to high gas prices and being an inexpensive mode of transportation, also require no license to operate. They are also hard to secure, do not have very many security features and are fairly lightweight.

In recent months, 23 mopeds have been stolen from the Mount Vernon district and 17 in Alexandria, according to police.

Officer Greg Kottemann with the Mount Vernon District Station is encouraging moped owners to use multiple anti-theft and prevention techniques, including storing the moped in a shed or garage, so it is out of sight.

Kottemann provided the following anti-theft tips for moped owners:

  • Engage the front fork lock if so equipped.
  • Make sure not to leave the keys with the moped.
  • Use a secondary locking system or multiple systems.
  • If you use a U-Lock or chain lock, make sure it is thick enough gauge to not be easily defeated with bolt cutters.
  • Secure the moped to a fixed object.


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