Police Pass Out Hurricane Sandy Flyers in Flood-Prone Huntington

FCPD talked to residents Sunday morning about moving their cars, valuables from basements.

The Fairfax County Police Department knocked on doors Sunday morning in flood-prone Huntington, talking to residents and handing out flyers with safety tips.

Officers are encouraging residents to move their vehicles to high ground and move their valuables from their basements.

The flyer also provided safety tips if there's a flood. FCPD advised residents not to wait for instructions to move and to be aware of streams, drainage channels and other areas known to flood suddenly.

In the past, the Huntington area has been affected by flooding during extreme weather conditions. Captain Randy Joyce — commander of the Mount Vernon Police District — said in several of those incidents, they didn't have enough warning to prepare residents.

"In most of those [incidents], we did not have enough warning to initiate an activity like this," Joyce said. "What we're attempting to do is take community policing to a level where we actually provide the community with information that's going to be beneficial if there is flooding."

Many residents have stocked food, water and other emergency supplies. Huntington residents are also moving their belongings and making plans in case of an emergency.

On Saturday, Robin Robinson of Alexandria — who walks dogs in the Huntington area — said she hadn't seen many people out and about in Huntington due to them moving their belongings and preparing for the storm. By mid-afternoon, Robinson said there was still less activity on the Huntington streets than on a normal day.

"I'm familiar with the flooding problem in Huntington, and I am a dog walker, so I've offered my services to people who need to board their dog while they prepare," said Robinson. "Anybody new that I know in the area, I let them know that this is a flood area and they need to take precautions and watch the news."

For the past few days, FCPD handed out flyers in different areas that are prone to flooding including Huntington and the lower Alexandria areas.

"The idea is actually to prepare," Joyce said. "Prepare with your pets to move them. If you have a way to go to another residence, prepare that where you make alternative plans in case of flooding."

FCPD's Office of Emergency Management will have people monitoring the flood in addition to the streams and levels of rain, Joyce explained. Officers will also be in the flooding areas throughout their shifts to monitor the neighborhoods. If there is flooding, officers will be in the area.

Voters will vote yes or no on a bond issue Nov. 6 that would pay for a levee to prevent flooding in the area. Del. Rob Krupicka recently started a Facebook group to bring attention to the referendum.

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