'Deafening Quietness'

Arlington County Firefighters Remember 9/11

Patch recently sat down with five Arlington County firefighters - four of them responded to the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. They spent several hours sharing their personal memories of that devastating day.

Click the following links to watch extended videos from each of these interviews.

  • recounts how emergency responders made sense of a chaotic situation just after the attacks.
  • describes the noises, the smells and the terrible scene when he arrived at the Pentagon in the late afternoon.
  • , a rookie with the department, talks about what it's like to work every day with firefighters who responded to the terrorist attack on the Pentagon.
  • remembers walking through the Pentagon, checking for structural integrity, and passing victims who had been so close to safety, but did not make it out alive.
  • said he has a hard time believing 10 years have passed since the attacks.


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