Tweets Capture the Lighter Side of Hurricane Sandy

Sandy's wrath rendered solemnity but also elicited — perhaps, as a means to cope with the anxiety and stress of such an unprecedented storm — gallows humor.

Certainly, Hurricane Sandy was no laughing matter. Making landfall in New Jersey Monday night, she wreaked havoc up and down the East Coast, leaving behind 55 dead, 8.2 million without power and untold billions of dollars in damage. 

Her wrath rendered solemnity but also elicited — perhaps, as a means to cope with the anxiety and stress of such an unprecedented storm — gallows humor.   Before, during and after the hurricane, social media buzzed relentlessly and unapologetically with witty (and sometimes, depraved) commentary. 

Here are some amusing tweets — from both famous people and every day Joe’s — I spotted while perusing Twitter:

Tracy Carracedo  @StandUpTracy

To my neighbors who thumbed their noses at me after impressively raking all the leaves out of their yards, WHO'S THE IDIOT NOW? #sandyhumor


The local news anchor just started her news segment "I didn't get to see Don's package" #sandyhumor

ThatsSarcastic ‏@ThatsSarcastic 

What if Gangnam Style is really a giant rain dance and we brought this hurricane on ourselves? #Sandy #Frankenstorm

Caroline Rhea ‏@CarolineRhea

Nothing is open in NYC. Donald Trump's mouth is even closed for the day. #frankenstorm

Willard Mitt Romney @MlTTR0MNEY  

Everyone in the path of the storm should immediately evacuate to one of their vacation homes. #Sandy #Frankenstorm

Rainn Wilson ‏@rainnwilson

Sandy Frankenstorm is my new drag name

Noah Gray ‏@noahWG

Just saw Anderson Cooper walk by and he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Now I know #frankenstorm is serious.

The Fake CNN @TheFakeCNN

Breaking: Frankenstorm traumatizes millions by forcing them to stay home and spend time with their families.

Jerry Seinfeld ‏@JerrySeinfeld

Mayor Bloomberg going with zip up neck sweater to fight Sandy. Shows preparedness. Windy: zip it up Storm over: back down #frankenstorm

Ted Alexandro ‏@tedalexandro

Can't wait for Frankenstorm: The Musical!

Norah O'Donnell ‏@NorahODonnell

Frankenstorm = haunted house at the grocery store

phil otto ‏@philotto23

Frankenstorm is getting so much attention already, that Kim Kardashian just started dating it. #Snowicane #Frankenstorm

Gene Weingarten @geneweingarten

Tip to journos everywhere, print and TV, covering storm: Banish "wrath" from your vocabulary. Use it, you are a hack

Lisa Cohen‏@cohills

How come all the reporters keep referring to Sandy as "she"? It's unisex name, like Pat or Terry or Ann Coulter!

rob delaney ‏@robdelaney

 @snooki r u ok

Nick Faughey ‏@NickFaughey

Jersey Shore to be renamed Jersey Island after Sandy #hurricanehumor

Chris F ‏@C_Toph87

Never been with a girl named after a hurricane which is weird because the last few have been natural disasters #hurricanehumor #loveyaSandy

Kelli Kosuda @kellikosuda

Sandy, you are NOT the one that I want. #hurricanehumor

Riley Ripa ‏@riley_ripa

Hurricane Sandy went to a party and was told to raise the roof. She did so and put it down the street :) #hurricanehumor






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