The Easter Bunny And Other Holiday Traditions

Has celebrating the holiday become too stressful?

Each week in Moms Talk, our local council of been-there-done-that moms debate issues, give advice and share solutions to common parenting dilemmas.  So grab a cup of coffee and settle in as we start the conversation today with a question about easter traditions.

It’s Easter time. Yellow peeps have lined the store shelves, , and let’s not forget that the Easter Bunny rearing his furry head in our local malls.  My family didn’t make a big deal out of easter baskets or peeps, but we did have a tradition of cooking a big meal and cleaning our house from top to bottom.  Sometimes it was a lot of work.  For some families there may be a lot on the to-do- list this weekend to celebrate the holiday.

Has preparation for the holiday become too stressful? Do your kids insist on certain items for their Easter basket? What do you do if extended family members want to celebrate in a different way than you are used to?  If Easter is not part of your family’s faith tradition, what do you during the spring break?

Stephanie Fultz April 22, 2011 at 04:42 PM
First, I will state that I am a Christian, so Easter to me is first remembering the wonderful story of our Savior that makes this holiday significant. After that, I look at the activites around Easter (by the end of Easter I will have been involved with five egg hunts), and other holiday happenings as a way to help keep me reflect on the things that I enjoy and value. I could choose to look at the stress involved, but I will choose to look at my blessings. Egg hunt 1 I donated eggs for a hunt at a women/children shelter, which reminds me I am blessed with a home, and that there are others in need. Egg Hunt 2 was at our church, my daughter had a blast, and I am blessed I found a wonderful church family. Egg hunt 3 I planned for my daughters daycare class, and I am blessed that such wonderful people take care of my daughter each day, and that she loves her school. Egg hunt four will be for the kids in our neighborhood, and has blessed me with meeting more of my neighbors. Egg hunt five will be at the White House, and I will enjoy it with a girlfriend whose husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan, and I am blessed with freedom, and I remember that are serving and wish they could be celebrating with their families! Lastly, I am blessed with a wondeful family, that thanks to technology, I will Skype with during our annual egg dying ritual.
Mary Porter, CHC April 23, 2011 at 09:44 PM
Easter for me is the culmination of the season of Lent, a time where rather than "give up" something I try to modify an undesirable behavior or add something to my life that is enriching. Today, my kids and I went to Mondloch House with some other moms and kids from my circle at church to host an Easter Egg Hunt. My kids loved being the egg-planters as opposed to the hunters. And we're looking forward to going back to host another event for these amazing folks. As a kid, Easter Sunday was always a big church day (although we went weekly), a nice meal, possibly a new dress and hat. And of course an Easter basket with goodies. Tomorrow I'll cook a special big breakfast, the kids will dig into Easter baskets (that have mostly pens, coloring books, new fun socks and a little candy) and we'll head to church. Later in the afternoon we're going to the circus to celebrate my son surviving a serious concussion last week when we were supposed to go. Then I'll make an amazing Easter dinner. The kids have been in Spring Break Camp all week so none of this has been stressful (except dealing with the concussion last weekend). The weather is finally turning beautiful and I'm looking forward to a great Sunday. It's next week that looks crazy!


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