Patch Pitch: Bond. James Bond. Galore.

Who's your favorite OO7? Best Bond villain? Best spy gadget? Best chase? Share your favorite Bond moments.

If a film stars Daniel Craig, I aim to see it. That appreciation started after viewing a past James Bond movie, Casino Royale, in which Craig starred as Agent OO7. After watching him surface from the ocean in fitted, cornflower-blue (which matched the same hue of his piercing cerulean eyes) bathing trunks, I was hooked. 

On his acting, that is. Sigh. 

The latest iteration of the James Bond franchise — the critically-acclaimed Skyfall — hit theaters this past Friday and once again stars Craig as Agent OO7.  (Read a great review of Skyfall by Patch’s Cinema Siren.) Craig is one of six actors to have portrayed the lead character in over 23 Bond films. In most polls, Craig ranks a OO7 fan favorite, right behind Sean Connery. 

The British franchise is based on the fictional character of MI6 secret agent James Bond, AKA code designation “OO7.”  Of all the actors who have portrayed James Bond, Roger Moore has starred in the most films. 

The character was developed from a series of books by author Ian Fleming.  It is one of the longest-continuing-running film series in history, now in its 50th year. Eon Productions releases a new Bond film about every two years. 

Additionally, behind Harry Potter, the Bond franchise is the second-highest grossing film series, making over $5 billion, to date.  It’s the most successful series after adjusting for inflation. 

Throughout the years, there have been so many Bonds and so many Bond moments.  Who do you think is the best actor to play James Bond? Who is your favorite Bond girl?  What is your favorite Bond one-liner?  What theme song did you like best from a Bond movie?  Who is your favorite Bond nemesis? What was the best Bond movie? What was the best spy gadget?  How about the best Bond chase?  Have you seen Skyfall?  If so, what did you think?

So Patch readers, it’s Bond. James Bond, galore today.  Tell us about a favorite Bond memory you have or answer from the questions above. 


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