What to learn how?
What to learn how?
Hi Alexandria,  I am desperately trying to raise money for LLS, a leukemia charity.  As an amateur magician I thought a fun way of doing it would be to perform magic and then sell one of my best tricks.

I've made the instructions, i've recorded an instructional video, all I need is a place to perform.

A Fayre, market, event, whatever you're planning i'd love the oportunity to add some magic, entertainment and give ALL proceeds to LSS.


Danny Selnick June 05, 2014 at 06:28 AM
Luke -- have you posted this to the Magic Cafe? If you're not familiar with that bulletin board for magicians -- write to me at daniel.selnick@yahoo.com or send a note to Ring 50 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Danny


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