Neighborhood Spotlight: Hollin Hall Village

Local real estate experts Lyssa Seward and Jane Cole spotlight Hollin Hall Village in Fort Hunt Living Neighborhood Spotlight

Hollin Hall Village was initially conceived and planned beginning in 1943, but the actual building construction didn’t commence until 1948. 

People who live in this wonderful community can’t say enough about it. We spoke with Kendra Chambers, current Hollin Hall Village Citizens Association (president) about why she and her family love living in this tight-knit community. Kendra cites the friendliness of the neighborhood along with the multi-generational make-up of the community.  Community volunteerism is strong, and members of the Hollin Hall Village Community Association feel appreciated and proud of their neighborhood.

Hollin Hall is home not only to 637 homes but also to two shopping centers located on Fort Hunt Road that are split down the middle by Shenendoah Road. These walkable shopping centers add to an already great quality of life for residents of Hollin Hall Village. There is a grocery store (), a drug store (), and the , which provides nostalgia for folks of all ages, and is reminiscent of an old fashioned Five and Dime. Owned by the Vennell family for 50 years, it was purchased by Deborah and Doug Bentley in 2008, buffed up and expanded.

There are many wonderful community staples and fine specialty stores as well, including , the Shell station, , The at Hollin Hall, , Hunan Manor Chinese, , , and more that are a gift for all of us in ZIP code 22308.

Many of these long-standing businesses are owned by Fort Hunt residents who are very involved in the greater community; most are strong supporters of our local schools and athletic programs. There is also the well-used and well-loved Hollin Hall Senior Center, A Child’s Place day care center and the convenient 7-Eleven. Mount Vernon Park Swim and Tennis Association is an easy walk for all Hollin Hall Village residents.

No community is without their controversies, and Hollin Hall Village is no exception.

We spoke with Gretchen Walzl, who is the past president of HHVCA, and she discussed the legal battle that the board had with Fairfax County in relation to the purchase and subsequent teardown and development of many homes on Washington Road, Yorktown Drive and Fairfax Road in the neighborhood. The association lost its battle with the the county and the developer, but of course Hollin Hall residents welcome and embrace the neighbors that have purchased and now occupy these homes. However, it is still a bit of a sticking point that the advertised subdivision for these new homes is called “Hollin Knoll” and not Hollin Hall.

Some in the community said the building of these homes changed the feel and look of the neighborhood. This type of issue plagues most of the communities in the 22308 and 22309 ZIP code, as the homes are older, land is scarce and there are always builders and clients interested in building larger new homes in convenient and desirable neighborhoods. Every community experiences change and change is always difficult.

Hollin Hall is a vibrant, close-knit community with a long history in the Fort Hunt area and beyond. It offers solid brick construction, primarily one-level living, simple but expandable floor plans and a lower price point than most of the surrounding neighborhoods. All of which Hollin Hall homeowners find appealing!

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capitol5555 December 10, 2011 at 02:20 PM
Any progress regarding the status of thevacant/former site of the Village Wharf restaurant? While it is vacant, it would be nice if the landlord would cover up the windows until the site is leased and hopefully a new tenant is found. Currentlly, it is an eyesore if you walk by the restaurant with debris, and such strewn about the premisis.
Mary Ann Barton December 10, 2011 at 04:03 PM
Thanks capitol5555, we're keeping an eye on that situation as well and hopefully will have a story up soon, with an update.
novabuyer January 29, 2012 at 03:18 PM
Are these "new homes" the franken-house McMansion monstrosities currently plaguing much of our area? My wife and I are looking to buy, but my worst fear is that I'll end up next to one of those things.


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