EXMOVERE: Wearable health devices in chinese including Exmobaby!

Technology designed for the well-being of your baby

Exmobaby is a revolutionary new “smart garment” system specifically designed for newborns and infants. The system features Exmovere’s proprietary sensor technology to monitor a baby’s vital signs and other important data on its wellbeing and mood. Exmobaby also includes both blue tooth and 3G wireless communication so parents or other caretakers can stay connected to their babies throughout the day and night.

Parents can easily program Exmobaby to send text messages (SMS) and email alerts to their mobile phones, personal computers and other devices. These alerts show up automatically in real time as baby’s movement and vital signs change. Exmobaby provides peace of mind to parents that they can always have an eye on what’s going on with baby, even if they can’t be at home at all times. The system even goes a step further in being able to detect changes in baby’s condition that even the most watchful parents might not notice immediately.

Comfortable & Safe for Babies
  • The wireless components and other electronics are housed in a separate bay station and don’t come into contact with baby.
  • In normal usage the FM transceiver safely sends a burst of data every 3 minutes, meaning it uses very power and the system produces very little radiation or heat.
  • The system is modular: the child-proof sensors and transceiver can easily be removed by adults, but not by baby. In contains no removable parts that could be swallowed by a baby.
  • The pajama is safe, hypoallergenic, lightweight and non-irritating.
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