Architectural Mistake Cost Developers of Hotel Project Time and Money

Hotel design was 1,582 feet larger than original projections costing developers over $31,000.

Photo from Patch file.

An architectural error has delayed the construction of the Baywood Hotels, according to a WTOP report. 

During the site planning process, a mathematical mistake was discovered with the hotel dimensions. Measurements were 1,582 square feet larger than the original projections. Fairfax County's zoning office found out and nixed the project.

Baywood developers were forced to resubmit an amended offer and special exception applications, costing them $31,835.  

The Baywood Hotel project is a two-acre, 92-room extended stay Towneplace Suites designed to attract tourists and visitors to southeastern Fairfax. 

The Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors will approve the new applications in February. No word on when construction will take place.

For more information read the full WTOP story here.


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