Spinning Through Summer at Dance Camp

Children at the Dance Studio at Hollin Hall experimented with all types of artistic expression during summer dance camp.

Children from pre-school to high school danced their way through July and August during the Dance Studio at Hollin Hall’s summer camps.

The camps were tailored for each age group with the four year-olds working on pre-ballet and creative dance all the way up to the children age nine and older who studied a combination of ballet, tap and jazz.

But the camp went beyond dance with all sorts of musical and artistic activities fitting with the theme of the day.  For example, on Circus Day, the preschoolers experimented with galloping horse and walking the tightrope dance moves, put together circus themed crafts and made clown hats.

“It is dance with the visual arts, music and drama,” said owner Julie Houghton.  “We integrate the arts.  Everything is connected.”

Houghton said dance camp during the summer is a nice change of pace from activity during the year.

“Because it’s summer, you don’t have the pressure of school. There’s no pressure of a recital so we can experiment with new ideas and music,” Houghton said.

Aside from the fun aspect of dance camp, Houghton said the physical benefits are significant as well.  Dance helps stretch muscles; it helps with conditioning, coordination, large motor skills and fine motor skills.

“You want them to grow up and always keep physical.  If you make it fun, you’ll always want to move,” Houghton said.

Summer dance camp has wrapped up for the most part, but Houghton said she’s registering students for the fall as we speak.  Fall classes start in early September and Houghton works with students age three to adult.  The Dance Studio at Hollin Hall offers ballet, tap, jazz, modern, stretch and pre-ballet/creative dance classes.  Private and group classes can also be specially arranged.  Summer camp tuition was $100 per week while classes during the year can range from $55-$170 per month depending on how many hours a week your child dances.

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Linda Hurst August 24, 2011 at 12:10 AM
What better way to spend your summer :-) I know enrolment for the Fall Term will be really busy... have a wonderful and educational time. What lucky children (and Adults) live in the Fort Hunt area. Am envious of you. ENJOY.


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