Weird Virginia/DC: Baby on Board, Hoya Mascot Drops Out, Things That Go ‘Boom!’ aaaand Goat Voodoo?

Plus: Washington Post-lovin’ wildlife + a Farmers Market says: ‘Don’t mess with our balloon man.’

More than 20 dogs were released to the county from a Springfield home last week. Courtesy of Fairfax County Animal Shelter.
More than 20 dogs were released to the county from a Springfield home last week. Courtesy of Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

By Mary Ann Barton

Editor's Note: Patch has 31 sites in Virginia and D.C., and not a day goes by that something weird isn't happening somewhere in the area. Here's a look back at some weird goings-on over the past week.

Folks, it may be the dog days of summer, but, as you know, weird never slips off to the beach in these parts.

Next Stop: Delivery Room

If you ride the Metro you know that sometimes, stuff happens. But boy, did it ever happen this week: Baby Born on L'Enfant Plaza Metro Platform Thursday Morning A 23-year-old woman went into labor Thursday morning while riding a Green Line Metro train in the direction of Greenbelt and ultimately delivered a baby boy on the platform at L'Enfant Plaza. WTOP reports that an off-duty EMT was on the same train as the pregnant woman, and helped her exit the train and deliver the baby.  

That Voodoo That You Do…we’re not sure if this was part of some satanic ritual or maybe just the remains of a primitive barbecue? The headline says it all: Eviscerated Goat Remains Found in Dora Kelley Nature Park The remains of a juvenile goat were mysteriously found Tuesday within Dora Kelley Nature Park, located in Alexandria’s West End. An Alexandria Animal Control officer responded to the scene and found no entrails or other signs of violence, leaving police officers to believe the goat was disemboweled elsewhere and its remains were dumped in the park.

Boom, Boom, Boom: If you’re In Chantilly, you might want to keep some earplugs handy and hang on tight to your morning coffee:

What Was That Loud Booming Sound? Did you hear a loud booming sound Thursday morning in Chantilly? In case you're wondering what it was  — especially in the South Riding area — we've got your answer here from the Virginia State Police:

The bomb unit assigned out of the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Fairfax Field Office has been conducting routine training at a quarry in the South Riding area of Loudoun County, according to Virginia State Police. Residents in the area may hear loud booms, as the training does involve the detonation and handling of explosive devices as part of the training exercise for our bomb techs.

Stealing Tips from the Balloon Man? Really?? This seemed to be a particularly low-down form of crime: ‘Don’t Mess With the Farmers’ Market’ Bystanders and workers at the Reston Farmers’ Market at Lake Anne chased and tackled a would-be thief when he tried to run off with the tip jar from one of the market’s balloon artists. The citizens held the suspect, an 18 year old from Herndon, until Fairfax County Police arrived. The suspect was charged with grand larceny, and the money was returned to T.J. Michael, the balloon artist.

We’ve Heard of Students Dropping Out, But Mascots?

Hoya Mascot Jack Jr. (J.J.) Not Returning to Georgetown this Fall Jack Jr. (a.k.a. J.J.) just took over for Jack the bulldog at the end of the most recent basketball season, but now student newspaper The Hoya reports JJ will not be returning to campus this fall.

The University confirmed the pup’s early retirement, citing, among other behavioral issues, an incident where the dog bit a child last fall, according to The Washington Post.

J.J. came to the university with much fanfare last year. There were photo ops and even a "Bulldog Summit" with Georgetown's mascot and Butler's mascot. He had his own Twitter account and Facebook page.

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs: Fairfax County Animal Shelter Accepts 23 Dogs from Springfield Home Fairfax County Animal Control received more than 20 dogs from a Springfield home last week after the owner fell ill and released the dogs to the county.

All 23 dogs, who range in condition from fair to very poor, are currently being monitored and cared for by veterinarians, according to a recent news release. Those who are in good health will be groomed, spayed or neutered, and treated for medical conditions ranging from cataracts to heart murmurs.

Washington Post Proves Wildly Popular in Vienna Neighborhood: What is it about the Post that a group of foxes loves so well? Foxes Gone Wild: Creatures Blamed for Missing Newspapers The Oakdale Park neighborhood of Vienna is no stranger to foxes being out and about, but this year the four-legged fiends have been especially active. One result: a recurring pattern of Washington Post newspapers pilfered by foxes before homeowners have a chance to retrieve them. The neighbors are howling.

Numerous residents have been sharing news of their missing news on neighborhood mailing lists, all reporting that they've been awakening to discover the thefts. Others have reported seeing foxes walking down their street, paper in mouth, then disappearing into the woods only to return and retrieve another newspaper.

"We have always had a lot of foxes in the neighborhood, but this year they have been especially brazen- out more in the daytime and on peoples' porches and patios and in the streets," said local resident Deborah Reyher. "I also can't say whether it's just one that has become enamored of newspapers or if this has become a clan enterprise, but it is keeping our neighborhood amused."


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