Huntington Residents Relieved After Hurricane Sandy

Huntington community shows relief and plans a post-Sandy get together.

After making it through Hurricane Sandy with no flooding, the Huntington community is abuzz with relief.

Water from Cameron Run didn't even reach the streets during the hurricane Monday night, and Fairfax County has lifted the flood warning in the Huntington area.

Stephanie Leedom, vice president of the Huntington Community Association and resident on Arlington Terrace, said the mood throughout the neighborhood is much more upbeat now that they've made it through the storm. Leedom also said Hurricane Sandy brought more attention to the Storm Drainage Improvements Bond right before Election Day.

"People are just really relieved that they're not going through what we went through last year," Leedom said. "I feel like the storm brought a lot of attention to the issue. That's only going to help our case on Election Day."

Throughout Tuesday morning, Huntington residents were coming back into the neighborhood after evacuating Monday night. Leedom said those she talked to were relieved to find the power and water was on in the area, and many people are getting settled again in their homes.

Throughout the storm, many residents stayed informed and helped each other with preparations via the Huntington Community Facebook group and their community listserv. However, Leedom said many of them haven't officially met in person.

So, she planned a post-Sandy happy hour to celebrate and provide the opportunity for neighbors to meet.

"We were all communicating and supporting each other and offering tips and suggestions and I thought now is a good opportunity to come together, get ready for the election and support each other and celebrate a little bit that we survived this one," she said.

HCA president Harry Shepler posted in the Facebook group to remind people to continue to pass out flyers with information about the bond referendum. Shepler is currently looking for volunteers to pass out flyers at the metro and at polling stations Nov. 6.

HCA will hold its monthly meeting at 7:30 at the Huntington Community Center Thursday, Nov. 1 where MPO Greg Kottemann of the Crime Prevention Office will come to speak with members and they will also discuss the bond referendum.


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