Help Wanted! Fairfax County School Board Searching for Auditors

Fairfax County board wants auditor's to assist in managing budget and provide financial counsel.

The 2013 school year has been a taxing one for the Fairfax County school board.  With a plethora of issues, the administration is currently mired in a $132 million budget deficit for the upcoming year.

According to the Fairfax Times, board members voted unanimously to hire auditors to manage the school board's budget.  With an ongoing search, the expectation is to have the positions filled by next February.

The objective is to bring in two auditors.  One auditor will be responsible for providing support to the school board's internal office, while the other works directly with members of the school board providing independent financial counsel.

Read the full Fairfax Times story here.
Fairfax Watcher January 01, 2014 at 11:00 AM
Isn't life just plain amazing? The FCPS has finally figured out that the Board of Supers is not going to bend over again and again for the FCPA demands for more land-owner cash!!Maybe its the new school boss who has already seen what's wrong? Anyway, this new plan to hire overseers is a good thing --- let's hope they report to the BoS as well. Happy 2014.


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