Everything Goes at this Summer Camp

A Child's Place at Hollin Hall is a summer camp that packs loads of play, tons of field trips and a wide variety of special treats.

If your child is looking for a summer camp that includes; water slides, cotton candy, indoor air hockey, princess ballet, Lego builds, field trips to the zoo and rock climbing excursions, you may want to check out a Child’s Place at Hollin Hall.

The camp is for kids who have finished kindergarten all the way up to 14 year-olds and is offered all summer long.  The camp caters to working parents, so you can drop off your kids as early as 7 a.m. and pick them up until 6 p.m. 

The multi-purpose camp shakes things up every day with indoor activities, outdoor activities and numerous field trips. Camp Director Elinor Shemeld said her philosophy is to keep things safe, but also fun and exciting.

“Moms and dads work really long hours.  I was a working mom, I know what it is like,” Shemeld said.  “Parents think ‘please do something I’d like to do with them.’”

With that thought in mind, Shemeld makes each week active and different.  She keeps the kids at Hollin Hall on Mondays and Fridays so parents have long weekend flexibility but to also keep the children from getting overtired.  Every Friday features a special treat like ice cream or Sno Cones. Field trips on other days range from museums and the library to canoe trips or a day at the water park.

“The kids keep me young,” Shemeld laughed.

Shemeld said Hollin Hall hosts about 75 campers a week and her ten counselors really keep things running smoothly.

“They are spontaneous, they love to play, they’re good to the kids, I don’t have to micromanage them,” Shemeld said.

The kids are divided into three groups, the Kinders who have just finished kindergarten, the Juniors who are seven and eight years old and the Seniors who are nine and older.  Shemeld said there is still some room for Junior campers, but if your child fits in the other two age groups, you’ll have to put their name on a waiting list.  Camp costs $215 a week for Kinders and Juniors and $245 per week for Seniors.  That includes the cost of all field trips and two daily snacks.  Children are expected to bring their own lunches.

For more information on a Child’s Place at Hollin Hall, click here.


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