A&R Development Making Changes to Plan for Mixed-Use Project

The developer recently received a few suggestions for the project from Fairfax County staff.

A&R Development is currently making changes to its original plan for the mixed-use building project that will be located at the corner of Huntington Avenue and Biscayne Drive.

Mark Looney, of Cooley, LLP and the legal representative for the developer, said A&R still has a rezoning application with the county, but they will not speak further about the comments made by the county or the changes until they are confirmed. According to the Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation's (SFDC) website, the application was submitted earlier this year and is still under review.

A phone call to JP2 Architects earlier this week confirmed that the company is no longer assigned to the project as they referred to the project as "no longer active," although the plan is still listed on the company's website.

A&R's Sean Pink was scheduled to attend the Huntington Community Association meeting in early May to update Huntington residents about the property and address any concerns. However, Pink canceled the presentation due to the fact that the company plans to make some changes, Looney said.

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