Sherwood Hall Lane Safety

VDOT and FCDOT are proposing changes to Sherwood Hall Lane which will significantly increase safety risks for pedestrians and cyclists. No consideration is being given to the safety of children who attend nearby Hollin Meadows Elementary School. Representatives Hyland, Surovell and Puller have not come out in support of strong objections from residents. 
Rainey astin March 20, 2014 at 08:49 AM
Just to clarify: representatives Hyland, Surovell and Puller have attended a community meeting, discussing the plan, but to my knowledge, they have not publicly conveyed to FCDOT and VDOT that they object to the proposed plan. They have asked for more time for public comment - the deadline is March 26. I have not seen any statement from their office on the record opposing the plan and ask that same is posted here if such a statement is issued or exists.
Brandy Buzinski March 20, 2014 at 09:50 AM
Not only are these changes potentially dangerous to pedestrians & cyclists, they propose to eliminate the residential parking lanes, reducing the traffic buffer and bringing 35+-mph traffic closer to homes, cars, children, pets, etc. (With the existing 11' buffer, there have already been a number of incidences of property damage from errant vehicles.) This plan gives no consideration to where guests will park; where the mailman, Fairfax water meter readers, contractors, and bus drivers park during their quick stops; where residents will place their trash cans, brush/bulk pick-up items; where the plows will push the snow (in the new proposed bike lanes, in the traffic lanes, or on the one sidewalk on the street?). I commend the parties for attempting to address some of the residents' safety concerns and for inviting our feedback to their proposal; however, it appears, to me, that this proposal is a knee-jerk reaction to having funding available in conjunction with the upcoming repaving of the road and not the result of careful consideration based on data, such as traffic/speed studies, review of accidents, etc. With the short turnaround time between resident feedback and the planned start date of the paving project, one must wonder how much weight FCDOT, VDOT, the Mt Vernon District Supervisor, the State Delegate and the State Senator will give the residents' feedback.
ET1221 March 21, 2014 at 01:07 AM
The tax-paying, voting homeowners along Sherwood Hall Lane are 100% adamantly opposed to striping changes along Sherwood Hall Lane unless some safety pedestrian crossings are added. No notifications were sent to our home from VDOT or FCDOT regarding these potential changes until our Civic Association notified us. We are feeling very threatened by potentially major lifestyle changing actions imposed without consultation to our neighborhood! And yes, Sherwood Hall Lane is a neighborhood, where children play, pets are walked, folks bicycle and families live. We are hoping that Hyland, Surovell & Puller stand with us, their constituency, however we are not convinced as of yet. Time is running out! No change is better than an ill-conceived plan with little or no data to back up proposed changes.
William Stuart Whitson March 27, 2014 at 10:01 AM
I would certainly hope that our local reps, Hyland, Puller and Surovell have closed ranks with with those that voted for them by opposing the proposed changes to Sherwood Hall Lane. I for one will not forget if they do not.


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