2014 Nexus Free Conference and Lunch - May 9 - Watch for Details

NEXUSBuilding Together

Better Brain-ways Among the Young

YOU are invited to our

NEXUS 2014 All-Day Conference

Access to Hope: Whole Child, & Whole Health

Facilitating Health and Resiliency in the Community,  Family, and School…

Friday, May 9th - FCPS Virginia Hills Center- 6520 Diana Lane-Alexandria, VA 22310


Free to all – the public is most welcome.

Reservations should be made for

  • The  AM Session beginning at 10 AM

  • For lunch

  • The  afternoon session, beginning at 1PM  

Contact: NEXUS Coordinator, Lainge Bailey ­­­­­­­­­­by e-mail: laingebailey@earthlink.net; laingeb@cox.net or by phone: 703-660-2327

 About This Conference:

Dedicated to the late Cliff Hardison, Principal of West Potomac High School and Nexus member -

Taking into consideration mind-body-behavior connections, this forum explores ways to build healthy brain-ways among young people.

Throughout the day, we will learn together from many participants about ways to build mental and physical health among the young.

What happens in the brain to induce a range of extreme behaviors from apathy to violence?

Key note: Stuart F. White, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Section on Affective Cognitive Neuroscience National Institute of Mental Health, NIH 20892

How does violent behavior happen? Can we do anything about it? About brain function and dysfunction of emotion-related systems in youth: What is NIH learning, how are they learning it  and  what does it mean for those teaching, treating  or parenting the young? Dr. White will give an overview of the neurobiology of aggression, and discuss the intersection of these systems with psychiatric conditions and briefly touch on treatment.  He will be available all-day interacting with panelists and the audience.

A Whole Health panel will be facilitated by Dr. Gloria Addo-Ayensu, Director of Health for Fairfax County. Panel members from professional communities and educators discuss with attendees topics from  collaboration for Building Healthy Strategies among the young to Food is the Best Brain Medicine.

Allen Berenson, CSB Service Director will moderate a panel on the role of coordinated behavioral health services: What  Happens to/for  Kids in Trouble? He directs Youth and Family Residential; Juvenile Forensics; Intensive Care Coordination, the Resource Team and is also Springfield Co-Site Director for the Fairfax/Falls Church Community Services Board. Panelists for this segment include Julie Mayer, Assistant Director South County Court Services Unit, Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic District Court.

 About NEXUS:

NEXUS is an outreach committee of the Advisory Board serving the Joe & Fredona Gartlan Center for Community Mental Health in Mount Vernon, Virginia. The Advisory Board strives to increase public understanding and promote strong mental health outcomes for all ages. The Nexus Team focuses on the well-being of children, youth and their families. The Team is made-up of Advisory Board members along with other interested professionals and volunteers from the community. NEXUS  public forums offer interactive opportunities for advocates, educators, families, legislators, providers, young people and the public to discuss legislation, research, programs and strategies, emphasizing resilience, recovery and wellness. Our audience ranges from 70 - 100+ depending on other events in the area at the same time and public interest. The name  NEXUS  reflects our aim to honor the efforts of those who work together for prevention or intervention  in order to help all of our young learn healthy brain-ways in a stressful world.



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