100 Golfers Wanted

ADA Golf Outing
ADA Golf Outing
What if you could play a round of golf and help the American Diabetes Association with an opportunity to win a round at Pebble Beach all expenses paid?  The first 100 local participants will have that chance upon registering at


  Please help out a local child with diabetes and help the ADA find a cure. 

Playing it Forward (PIF) was developed  with the vision of building a technology that would allow charities, fund raisers, alumni groups, and corporate golf events to include many more participants to play in their events.  This is all done online using the Playing it Forward platform for fitness, bowling & golf.


   (GOLF) Any participant may join an event or tournament and play any course, anytime, with any handicap to compete.  This is accomplished using a unique algorithm that computes the player’s score against their handicap and the slope grade (course difficulty).  The end result is that all participants are playing on an even field to compete for prizes.  An event in Florida can now be joined by a player in Illinois by playing on their own course at any time and up loading their score. 


Charities and other groups can invite their entire database to join a golf tournament regardless of where potential contributors might live.  Generally a PIF tournament lasts one or two months ahead of the scheduled event to accommodate for time and ends the day of the event.  “What makes this fun is that players get to see who is competing on the leader-board and invite more friends to play along. This creates a viral message of fun that helps a cause.”   Considering an outing is limited to 180 players maximum for the event, and only a small amount of money going to the cause, now put together a better way to involve many more participants through a virtual platform.  Prizes are automatically committed through 15% of proceeds going to build a prize pool.  The more players, the more prizes! 


This year Playing it Forward will be hosting tournaments for local school fund raisers, church outings and supporting the American Diabetes Association.  The dreams of Playing it Forward becoming a standard tool added to every golf outing to bring in more people and make the whole process more engaging and successful.  Please visit www.PlayingitForward.com

Help the American Diabetes Association by joining this great tournament!


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